About Turners Falls

Part of the Town of Montague, MA, the Village of Turners Falls is an extraordinary historic mill town that is blossoming from its industrial roots to become a hub of artistic inspiration, recreational adventure and natural beauty. The RiverCulture Project seeks to promote this rebirth of an area that is filled with history, promise, and a character all its own. Come experience Turners Falls and RiverCulture for yourself!

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About RiverCulture


Suzanne LoManto, Director
One Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA 01376

What is RiverCulture?

RiverCulture is a dynamic partnership of leaders from the Turners Falls arts, cultural and business communities joined together to promote and enhance cultural programming in Turners Falls.

We are the proud recipient of the 2011-12 Massachusetts Commonwealth Award for Creative Community.  Given every two years by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Commonwealth Awards shine a spotlight on the extraordinary contributions that arts and culture make to education, economic vitality, and quality of life in communities across the state.

Our Mission

RiverCulture works to strengthen the creative and cultural industries in the Turners Falls area. We believe that experiencing arts and cultural activities significantly enhances quality of life and is a vital component to a healthy community. By highlighting our heritage and many local assets as we cultivate creative endeavors, we intend to engender a strong sense of place.

Our Goals

  • Build a strong, cultural community that contributes to the success of its partner organizations.
  • Build a strong, diverse base of support for cultural economic development among community, political, cultural, educational and business leaders.
  • Establish art and culture as a highly visible element of the region's identity.
  • Establishing an environment that attracts businesses, residents and visitors to Turners Falls.
  • Foster live/work/retail space, studios and new arts facilities in available properties throughout Turners Falls

The project accomplishes this through

  • Hosting and promoting cultural events
  • Spearheading cooperative marketing efforts
  • Collectively branding and presenting our area's best cultural resources to the public
  • Maintaining a website as a central resource for event and cultural information for use by residents and visitors
  • Serving as a forum for the RiverCulture Partners to convene around shared topics
  • Serving as a platform to address local social issues through cultural means
  • Producing printed materials promoting our resources
  • Actively participating in the town's economic development initiatives
  • Analyzing the various impacts of cultural events on our community

The Impact of RiverCulture

  • Cultural events now draw tens of thousands of people yearly to Tuners Falls. A majority of those visitors come from outside of Montague.
  • In 2007, a total regional economic impact of $785,399 was generated.
  • Many visitors now have a more positive perception of Turners Falls since attending a RiverCulture event.

How are we funded?

Local sponsorships, the Town of Montague and through a grant from the Adams Art Program of the Massachusetts Cultural Council. How can you support us?

  • Become a sponsor with a cash contribution
  • Support us with an in kind contribution
  • Volunteer for events and committees.

For more information please call, 413-835-1390 or email riverculture@montague-ma.gov

Turners Falls RiverCulture, One Avenue A,Turners Falls, MA 01376