About Turners Falls

Part of the Town of Montague, MA, the Village of Turners Falls is an extraordinary historic mill town that is blossoming from its industrial roots to become a hub of artistic inspiration, recreational adventure and natural beauty. The RiverCulture Project seeks to promote this rebirth of an area that is filled with history, promise, and a character all its own. Come experience Turners Falls and RiverCulture for yourself!

Audio Clips

WRSI's on air morning host, Monte Belmonte along with his boy wonder Matthew Latkiewicz have been and will be collecting some audio around Turners Falls.   This audio will chronicle some of the places, people, and stories about the town; as well as offer visitors and residents some specific audio tours of the town from people who know it well.

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Arts & Leaves; or, why Turners Falls is an okay place for creepy puppets and limestone sculpture

At the recent Arts Walk in Turners, Monte talks to a puppeteer and a sculptor.

PART 1: Madison Cripps
PART 2: Tim de Christopher

The Patch, as illuminated by a guy named Philip

Monte discusses the area of Turners called the Patch with someone who knows it well.

PART 1: Gambling in the Patch
PART 2: Italians and the Canal
PART 3: Stores and Schools 

At the Block Party

On August 11, a large stretch of Ave. A, our main street, was shut down for a townwide party.   Monte and Matthew stuck microphones into the faces of the partygoers and talked them about Turners.

PART 1:  Rollerskating - Some stories about growing up in Turners when the town had a roller rink.

PART 2: Stealing Bikes & Shining Shoes - Stories about growing up in Turners when a kid could still make an honest buck in a bar, shining the shoes of mill workers.

PART 3: Pizza House - One of the most established business owners in town talks to Matthew about owning a pizza house in Turners for 37 years.

PART 4: How to quickly become a business owner - Matthew talks to Jamie Berger, one of the owners of the newly opened Rendezvous, a bar with food.   The Rendezvous had a booth serving food during the Block Party.   Jamie came here to be a grad student at UMASS only two years ago; and now owns a business and a building.   Matthew thinks there's like a a moral here.

The Fashion Show at Suzzee's Third St. Laundry

The greatest fashion show organized by a Laundromat in the world.   This event is seriously amazing; Monte reports from the laundromat, talking to one of the Laundromat Owners Chris Janke, one of the audience members, and, of course, Monte talks to himself, using that funny little microphone.


The Shopping Carts of Turners Falls

Shopping Carts - Monte discusses an integral part of the Turners Falls Urban Ecology 

Turners Falls RiverCulture

WRSI's on air morning host, Monte Belmonte, choseTurners Falls resident and RiverCulture Coordinator, Lisa Davol, to be featured as one of his Friday morning Personal Profiles on Feb. 9th. Check out what Lisa has to say about our favorite town!


Boris, who is from Russia

PART 1: getting the car inspected 
PART 2: From Russia With Love