About Turners Falls

Part of the Town of Montague, MA, the Village of Turners Falls is an extraordinary historic mill town that is blossoming from its industrial roots to become a hub of artistic inspiration, recreational adventure and natural beauty. The RiverCulture Project seeks to promote this rebirth of an area that is filled with history, promise, and a character all its own. Come experience Turners Falls and RiverCulture for yourself!


Turners Falls Bike Trail

After more than 20 years, the bike trail in Turners Falls is finally finished! Smooth pavement, breathtaking views of the Connecticut River and canal, and starting right downtown, this trail not only provides the most picturesque biking and picnic area, it also serves as an educational tour of the cultural, ecological, and industrial history of Turners Falls. Along the way, you'll pass the Great Falls Discovery Center, Turners Falls Fish Ladder, power canal, mills, Silvio O Conte fish lab and two RiverCulture public art pieces on themes of industry, architecture and energy.

Northfield Mountain

Twenty six miles of mountain biking along a beautiful sweep of mountainside. (800) 859-2960 for info