Slice of Humanity Exhibition

“Slice of Humanity” at Nina’s Nook in Turners Falls presents the work of five artists capturing the human figure using paints, brushes, markers, pens and mixed media collage: Robert Bent, Suzanne Conway, Lauren Paradise, Jeff Wrench, and gallery owner/artist Nina Rossi.

The Young Shakespeare Players-East Present King Henry IV, Part 1

The Young Shakespeare Players-East present their Fall/Winter production of King Henry IV, Part 1. This play is one of the best kept secrets in Shakespeare…perfectly suited to our time, the story of a young prince’s coming of age, trying to figure out what is (inherited or taken) power worth as he journeys through three distinct worlds and finds empathy for his kingdom’s disparate populations.

New Vaudeville Holiday Spectacular

What happens when you take an entire ARTS festival & jam it into one amazing show with performers of all kinds who create upon the theme of COMMUNION? A crazy wonderful New Vaudeville Holiday Spectacular!

Welcome Yule, December 8,9,10

Welcome Yule celebrates the return of the light with a festive family show filled with music, dance, songs and stories to drive the dark away.