About Turners Falls

Part of the Town of Montague, MA, the Village of Turners Falls is an extraordinary historic mill town that is blossoming from its industrial roots to become a hub of artistic inspiration, recreational adventure and natural beauty. The RiverCulture Project seeks to promote this rebirth of an area that is filled with history, promise, and a character all its own. Come experience Turners Falls and RiverCulture for yourself!

Fish Viewing Facility

Turners Falls Fishway is Open for the Season!

May 15th to June 20th 9AM - 5PM

At Turners Falls Dam • Behind Town Hall • One Avenue A, Turners Falls • 413-659-3714 • Free

This facility shows you what fish look like underwater as they swim upstream via the a fish ladder, which allows fish, including shad, lampreys, and Atlantic salmon to bypass the dam and return upstream to spawn in the spring. The fish ladder is open for public viewing during the height of spawning season.

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