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Turners Falls Encoded

Turners Falls Encoded is a series of quick response (QR) codes leading to multimedia vignettes that tell the stories of Turners Falls' residents, history, and businesses. Woven together with audio and photography, these stories paint a vibrant and creative portrait of our town and inspire visitors to explore the area beyond the unique events we are already known for.

Codes are scattered around the town and lead to these vignettes when scanned with a smart phone.  They exist in all shapes, sizes and mediums, and in many places.  Aside from experiencing them, we also invite you to print the codes below and leave them in random places you frequent or visit for others to happen upon.  

Turners Falls Encoded was the thesis project of Hampshire College student, RJ Sakai, after a year of ethnographic work. It was created in collaboration with RiverCulture. Many thanks to RJ and to all who participated!

Below you will find links to QR code vignettes. Please feel free to print a PDF or two to bring with you on a trip near or far.  Leave one in your dorm, on a billboard in Paris, at a cafe in Montreal, on a subway seat in Philly, at your local library, on the counter at your favorite greasy spoon in Sheboygan ...... Who knows who will find it!

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