About Turners Falls

Part of the Town of Montague, MA, the Village of Turners Falls is an extraordinary historic mill town that is blossoming from its industrial roots to become a hub of artistic inspiration, recreational adventure and natural beauty. The RiverCulture Project seeks to promote this rebirth of an area that is filled with history, promise, and a character all its own. Come experience Turners Falls and RiverCulture for yourself!

Walking Tour

Historic Walking Tour of Turners Falls RiverCulture

Turners Falls Historic Walking Tour

1. Great Falls Discovery Center

2. Power Canal

3. The Fish Ladder and Falls

4. Mill Buildings along the Canal

5. Griswold Cotton Mill

6. Peskeomskut Park

7. Carnegie Library

8. Ste. Anne's Church

9. Downtown Turners Falls

10. Bank Building

11. Hibernian Hall

12. Spinner Park

13. The American House

14. Old Police Station

15. Cutlery Block

16. Colle Opera House

17. Shea Theater

18. Crocker Bank Building

19. Grand Trunk Hotel

20. The Turners Falls Company