Real Ways To Support Your Montague Neighbors
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Buy super local.
Shop in Montague Center, Millers Falls and
Turners Falls this holiday.

Give gift certificates.
They are safe, convenient and will help local
business make it through the season.

Find one-of-a-kind.
Galleries are full of the most creative gifts, or buy
direct from an artist, author, crafter or musician.

Get crafty.
Make your own gifts with inexpensive upcycle
materials. Bake. Build. Knit. Sew!

Think vintage.
It’s way cooler, not to mention easy on the wallet.

Be practical.
Friends and family experiencing hardship will
appreciate a gourmet food item, specialty beverage, home good, beauty product or service.

Save the stage.
Donate or buy  a gift certificate for a future show at a performance venue.

In addition to wrapping your presents, the Montague Reporter "Gift Paper Edition will entertain your kids, support artists and keep the press rolling!

Help the Helpers.
Make a donation to a local food bank, social service organization, community center, non-profit or animal shelter.

Spread the Love.
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