Online Ordering starts June 10 for curbside pick-up and delivery to any address in Montague!

This is how it Works:

1) DOWNLOAD A FORM. Updated forms are posted every Sunday night.
2) Fill out your order, typing item amounts in the gray column.
3) Submit form by Tuesday at 9AM. You can share (submit) via Google docs or send it as an attachment to us at
4) An invoice will be sent to you via Paypal on Tuesday evening. Pay by Wednesday at noon.
5) Delivery will be around 3PM on Wednesday. Curbside Pick-Up will be any time the market is open, from 2-6.

*Please note that some supplies are limited, and we will try to fill your order as completely as possible.

**We are not currently able to process SNAP remotely, but orders can be still be placed and paid for at pick-up.

Got any questions? Email us at See you (or not!) on Wednesday!”

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